Partner Spotlight: Accion Humanitaria

Acción Humanitaria Por Venezuela is a remarkable organization dedicated to serving rural areas and neighborhoods impacted by high levels of crime and insecurity in Venezuela. Acción Humanitaria distributes medicine and aid to hospitals and rural clinics.

In March of 2018, Cuatro Por Venezuela and Acción Humanitaria partnered together to form a new program, Nurishing Hope in the state of Miranda. This holisitic program is dedicated to serving the children of Turgua by providing food, education, and health services. In March, we started with sixty children. Today, nine months later, we serve seven hundred children in with this program.

In the words of our partners Marisela and Mabe, "this is a huge accomplishment even in the midst of a country with the highest inflation in the world, the highest insecurity, scarcity of food and many other problems...Sometimes, we ask ourselves, how we can continue this work. Without a doubt, it is a balance of passion, love, service to others, and other virtues that do not fear challenges or obstacles. Together, Cuatro and Acción, we have defied logic and made the impossible possible."