New Caracas Presents a Time Capsule for the Venezuelan Diaspora

Julio 20, 2019 – New Caracas, the Alt-Latino musical collective based in New York City, launched a new video inspired by, dedicated to and created for Venezuelans all over the world. This new theme, part of the concept album NOS, is a collection of voice notes created by Venezuelans imagining the future of their country, accompanied by a sonic landscape of guitars. The music is composed and designed by the leader of the band, Luis D’Elias, y mixed by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Darío Peñaloza.

Artist: Laura Jiménez

The video, co-produced by Zaida Ortega and Luis D’Elias, draws on the participation of more that 150 Venezuelans from across the globe, including countries such as Argentina, Canada, Colombia, England, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.

The artistic video shows Venezuelans looking at the camera, repeating the name of their home country while the music plays in the background with phrases evoking triumph, reconciliation and reunions interspersed throughout.New Caracas is united forces with Cuatro Por Venezuela by offering a digital copy of NOS to every person who donates. This effort is part of their social media campaign #LaVenezuelaDelFuturo, where anyone who wants to participate can use the hashtag to send a message to the future country, to the Venezuela of their dreams.

With this effort, New Caracas hopes to give voice to the Venezuelan Diaspora who continue to build their nation’s future no matter where they are. For more information about this project, please visit