2021 New Sustainable Development Programs

2021 Nutrition, Health and Empowerment Programs

In 2021, Cuatro Por Venezuela (CPV) continues its commitment with local organizations. Jointly they uplift Venezuelans via long-term, sustainable projects keenly focused on nutrition, health and empowerment, all with an educational component.

Last year, CPV responded to the Covid-19 emergency by providing PPE material. It also raised funds to alleviate the needs of 2,600 transplant patients in Venezuela whose lives depend on private support.

The country is now in its sixth year in recession. Its residents are dealing with soaring food prices set in dollars, low wages and four-digit inflation, condemning millions to live in poverty. CPV’s leadership has restructured how the foundation serves the Venezuelan people. The focus is not just on sending aid but rather leaving a legacy. Implementing measurable programs that focus on development, auto-sufficiency and education is key.As the foundation grows, we must continue evolving our plans on how to help Venezuela,” said co-founder and President Dr. Gloria Mattiuzzi. “The needs of Venezuelans are still present or worsening. We want to make sure our aid is sustainable and provides hope for the future, not just temporary relief."

Venezuela in the News

Venezuela is among the top 10 countries projected to have the most food insecure people. This is attributable to economic crisis and displacement, with this affliction claiming 33% of its population. The only other country on the list from the Americas is Haiti, at 38 percent. According to the UN, 5.4 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2014. This is the largest exodus in Latin America’s recent history and one of the largest displacement crises in the world. Twelve percent of the population has fled the country and people continue to leave at an average of 5,000 per day. These figures are comparable to the Syrian refugee crisis.

How to Help Venezuela

CPV began responding to Venezuela's escalating health crisis in 2016. It did so primarily by providing lifesaving medicines, supplies and nutrition and by supporting the most vulnerable. Since 2016 CPV has been providing a dependable channel for individuals willing to help Venezuela through private donations. As the crisis has deepened, the foundation has evolved with it to respond with a long-term perspective on the problems. “We want to make sure we are always providing aid for sustainable projects,” co-founder Dr. Gabriela Rondón said. “We consider that consistent, uplifting educational service and empowerment is what helps those in need the most so that they can pull themselves forward.”


Sustainable Nutrition, Health and Empowerment Programs Seeking Sponsorships

CPV’s 2021 projects fall within the three pillars of health, nutrition and empowerment. They focus on providing aid through established, reliable local organizations with proven models that foster development and education as well as measurable results. These projects range from providing business and entrepreneurial skills, birth control and prenatal care to young women, and feeding the most vulnerable. It also provides life-saving care to children with cancer, supports youth development programs, planting at home, and providing the infrastructure for a dentistry clinic. CPV is actively seeking sponsors; for details on the projects and how to support, visit cuatroporvenezuela.org/what-we-do.

These are all programs that provide concrete and lasting results," Dr. Rondón said. "We can continually measure the progress of the beneficiaries and organizations we are helping.” 

The foundation plans to continue collaborating with other nonprofits raising donations, grants and sponsorships for continuous funding of these programs while developing new ones.

We want to make sure our donors can feel confident in where their money is going,” Dr. Mattiuzzi said. “All the funds are fully designated to build these programs that provide sustainable education, healthcare and nutrition for the Venezuelans with the greatest need.”

For up-to-date information on CPV’s programs and events, follow us.


About CPV

CPV was born in October 2016 by four Venezuelan women living in the United States, compelled to help their country. Cuatro Por Venezuela delivers medicine, food and supplies to Venezuelans in need. It has delivered approximately 105 thousand tons of essential goods since 2017. The volunteer organization works with a trusted network of more than 120 local NGOs, foundations, hospitals, rural community centers, senior facilities, orphanages and schools. It spans across 20 states. The organization is committed to empowering Venezuelan organizations and lending support to impoverished citizens. For more information, visit our website. For more facts and figures, see our 2019-2020 annual report