August and September Updates

Each month we highlight events and programs made possible by Cuatro’s support. Follow us on Instagram to learn about our latest work.

Cuatro Por Venezuela was part of Caritas’ Children’s Day celebration in the locality of Carora. Working as a team, we were able to help serve 133 dishes to the kids and adults present at the event. We also partnered with Caritas to send a large shipment of Glucophage for diabetic patients.

We regularly partner with Amigos Transplantados de Venezuela to send medicine and treatment to recently transplanted cancer patients. We participated in a day-long community health clinic in Puerto Cabello where over 500 patients received treatment. Cuatro Por Venezuela donated Metformin that was distributed to patients at the event.

We sent a shipment of five boxes to a senior care facility in San José de la Montaña, in the city of Maracaibo. This senior home is run by our partners Rayito de Luz Foundation. This shipment included personal hygiene supplies such as undergarments, soap and shampoo, that are in short supply in Venezuela. 

Working with our friends Caritas Venezuela, we sent a food shipment to the state of Guarico. Nutrition is the basis of health and wellbeing. Cuatro Por Venezuela is determined to see that no Venezuelan goes to bed hungry. We also sent dental supplies to our partner Olla Solidaria in the Maria Auxiliadora Parish of Boleita, Caracas.